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    MeScape is a site-specific installation centred around the concept of ‘well-being’ that merges art, architecture, and placemaking.

    Taking cues from the geographic orientation of Peckham Levels as well as the wide array of businesses on Levels 5 and 6, MeScape is a pixelated skyscape that represents a journey through time and symbolises the time we all spend trying to achieve a balanced and harmonious sense of comfort, health, and happiness…what ever that might mean to each of us.

    Made up of 636 individual sections of acrylic mirror in a wide array of colours, MeScape has been designed to dramatically change the way the space looks and feels, but importantly the way people interact with the space and its architecture. The mirrored acrylic sections have been installed in such a way to provide multiple, fragmented reflections which allow people to see themselves in ‘a new light’ and from ‘a different perspective’, whilst providing an opportunity for playful interactions as they move through the space.

    Conceptually MeScape is a reminder that the way we exercise, the food we eat, the friends we keep and the life we lead all impact upon the self-image we hold and ultimately, the sense of wellbeing we feel.